Logitech G502 Download Software and Driver

Logitech G502 Download Software and Driver

Logitech G502 Review

Logitech G502 Software, Driver, Manual, Download, Install – The Logitech G502 is a gaming computer mouse that will not quit. It was initially released virtually five years ago with a trailblazing style that reimagined outdated Logitech gaming mice and combined a brand-new body with the most effective computer mouse sensing unit they might make.

Logitech G502 Download Software and Driver


It weighs 121 grams, with an added 18 grams addable with some small steel weights that match the chassis’s bottom. The G502 does feel strong: a good little that weight comes from the metal scroll wheel, which has such an incredibly smooth and gratifying scroll feel under your finger it’ll be tough to return to any computer mouse that doesn’t have it.

The development combines matte black plastic for the primary switches and grasps and places glossy plastic between the mouse’s visually different areas and the added buttons. The matte plastic does an excellent job of hiding hand oil, yet the glossy plastic fares worse.

Nevertheless, the advantage concerning the weight is that it can be reduced as per your individual choice by removing 5 chevron-shaped, 3.6-gram weights, maintained under the thumb grasp. This will minimize the weight as reduced to 121g, which is truly impressive.

I liked the most in G502 Hero’s style were its curved forms along the right and left buttons, which provided me a comfortable fit around my fingers. The mouse fitted so nicely that I ended up being used to this beast in less than one hr.


As the Hero is fantastic in its functions, after that, why wouldn’t it be perfect in performance? Efficiency sensible, the computer mouse, is amazing even defeating some popular pc gaming mice, particularly in shooting video games. In its better sensing unit, greater DPI, greater comfort, I actually saw no point that could impede its performance.


The Logitech G502 Hero includes the 1,000 Hz polling price and 1ms feedback time as expected from a proper gaming mouse, as well as we barely discover any shortcomings in this department. However, the Hero sensing unit is what assists the computer mouse sparkle.

The Hero sensor offers perfect tracking from our experience with it. It sustains a DPI array from 100 to 16,000, though we discover the upper limit largely inconsequential. What matters is how well it responds to our hand motions and exactly how constant it is.

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